Posted by: islandsfirst | May 2, 2008

Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee

We didn’t make Reuters’ “Latest News”, but thanks to Emma Batha our concerns have been addressed on their foundation’s AlertNet blog. While the discussion of “climate change migrants” versus “refugees” may seem pedantic to the potentially stateless, the assignation of responsibility for cultural annihilation is of crucial relevance for the potential migrant/refugee.

Commendable efforts by Australian Senator Kerry Nettle to introduce a climate refugee visa bill are also cited in the article. Nevertheless, small island nations are hoping it won’t come to that. The deadline is 2015. We still have time to act.


  1. […] how such issues are affecting his own life: I don’t know what the government plan is for environmental refugees. But it would be good to go to New Zealand, to move. I was thinking about the way we’ve been […]

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