Posted by: islandsfirst | May 12, 2008

Non-350 Islands

In the LA Times this weekend, our friend Bill McKibben explained that what needs saving is not the planet:

People will doubtless survive on a non-350 planet, but those who do will be so preoccupied, coping with the endless unintended consequences of an overheated planet, that civilization may not.

And an article in the Guardian about how we’re running out of fish reminded us that our friend Carl Safina elaborated on the same point a few years ago in his book, Song for the Blue Ocean:

It has been said that the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment . . . The reef fishers in Palau and Sulu and elsewhere are stuggling to bring their life into line with this realization as they strive to protect and restore their corals, their economy, their sense of place, their future. When people speak of “saving the oceans,” then, I offer this: We need the seas more than they need us.

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