Posted by: islandsfirst | June 5, 2008

No Country

A grim note on World Environment Day from Kiribati President Anote Tong, in New Zealand to meet with Prime Minister Helen Clark about climate refugees:

I am not a scientist but what I know is that things are happening we did not experience in the past.

We may be beyond redemption, we may be at the point of no return where the emissions in the atmosphere will carry on to contribute to climate change to produce a sea-level change that in time our small low-lying islands will be submerged.

Villages that have been there over the decades, maybe a century, and now they have to be relocated. Where they have been living over the past few decades is no longer there, it is being eroded.

It’s not an issue of economic growth, it’s an issue of human survival.

The breadth of activism to reverse climate change is indeed remarkable, from the editorial pages to the streets. Youth are committed, retorts to denial are abundant, the self-interest of those less threatened is brought to light.

To plan for the day when you no longer have a country is indeed painful, but I think we have to do that.

Play your part.


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