Posted by: islandsfirst | June 25, 2008

That Is How Angry I Am

The first high-level meeting of Kofi Annan’s new Global Humanitarian Forum is taking place, and the former Secretary-General used the occasion of his opening speech to address a topic with which we’re also preoccupied:

We must have climate justice. As an international community, we must recognize that the polluter must pay. And not the poor and the vulnerable.

It wasn’t mentioned in passing. UN General Assembly President Srjan Kerim and the UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo De Boer both chimed in, among others. But it was a young man from the Marshall Islands who cut to the chase:

Due to the rising of sea level, it has taken our sand, our beaches, our trees, our food and, most importantly, our soil. Where is my soil, ladies and gentlemen? What have you done to it? I want my soil back.

To see how angry Majuro’s James N. C. Bing III really is, click here. To listen to the compelling testimony of the five young climate witnesses in its entirety, click here.

Meanwhile, a classified assessment of how climate change may threaten the national security of a large non-island developed state, namely the United States of America, found its way to a hearing on Capitol Hill. And the Guardian – presumably in the interest of journalistic ethics – reported that climate change isn’t bad for everyone.


  1. […] remarks from the meeting) is certainly worth reading. In it, he alluded to specific threats, the young speakers from the recent Global Humanitarian Forum, and, most adamantly, to a rights-based approach to the […]

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