Posted by: islandsfirst | July 2, 2008

Regional Variations

NASA satellite records of sea-level rise from 1993 to 2007 indicate an uncertain future for Pacific islanders:

Regional Patterns of Sea Level Change 1993-2007

Changes in the location or velocity of ocean currents over the span of decades can be part of a natural cycle, or they may indicate the beginning of a long-term change in a current as a result of human-caused climate change.

Another landmark on the road to runaway global warming is soon to be evident at the North Pole – no ice! The Inuit aren’t any more impressed than the islanders.

Stateside, while the Wall Street Journal explains the Marxist conspiracy behind environmental advocacy, South Floridians remain in the path of Okeechobee Hurricane Redux and coastal waters are seeing some reverse gentrification. The Army Corps of Engineers ain’t skeered, but insurers are. And so, increasingly, are Christians. The divergence of opinions has been reflected of late in various judicial decisions.

Internationally, although the failed leadership of rich countries and the blame game of developing ones constitute business as usual, a global policy roundup from our friends at is a bit more promising. China is on the money in terms of timing on the issue – now. And Ban Ki-moon remains hopeful, even offering up some positive news on green investment.

Elsewhere, Lord Stern carries on about the unrealized “grand bargain” and Mark Lynas blames the media.

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