Posted by: islandsfirst | August 19, 2008

War-torn Pacific

The Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ Summit is underway on the Rock, where Fiji’s ongoing political problems are jostling for attention with a much more pressing issue for the region. Friends of the Earth took the lead on the latter in the run-up to the organization’s meeting on Niue. Over 100 Pacific NGOs have signed a letter to the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand in the run-up to the meeting. Play your part in encouraging both nations to enact immigration policies that reflect the realities of a growing tragedy in the region – climate change refugees.

Meanwhile, bad news from flyover country (Jeremy Jackson via Deep Sea News):


  1. […] Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd signed the Niue Declaration on Climate Change at the recent Pacific Islands Leaders Forum, recognizing the threat posed by climate change to many Pacific nations, the government has […]

  2. It would be desireable that remote oceanic island representatives will join and appear in the coming confereces in Stockholm and Copenhagen for the global and enviromental issues.
    In my country greece not untill 2012 all elderly cars will be out of charge.The uppcoming countries in Asia and America is responsible for the global warming at the poles.The sea matters are even something that few of the papalagi and europeans realy are concerned about,since it has beeing theft and destroyed since the erlay 1960 by overfishing from nations with factory ships.

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