Posted by: islandsfirst | September 3, 2008

Sending out an S.O.S.

Many thanks to our friends at Avaaz, who are standing behind small island states in a big way, by rallying their 3.2 million members to sign this online petition:

To the UN General Assembly & Security Council:
We, citizens all around the world, share the small island states’ concern that climate change threatens international peace and security. Action is needed now, and global climate negotiations must accelerate to deliver a strong deal in time to prevent catastrophe, as well as protecting those forced to relocate as a result of global warming. Our common future requires the United Nations to address the international climate crisis with at least as much urgency as it gives to matters of war and peace.

The show of support will be a valuable tool in ongoing consultations on the PSIDS draft resolution, “The threat of climate change to international peace and security”. Welcome, as well, to Turkey, the latest nation to join as co-sponsor on the draft resolution and an assured partner if elected to the Security Council for the 2009/2010 term.

In related news, the 39th Pacific Islands Forum Communique is now available. And according to Reuters’ Laura MacInnis, their sense of urgency on addressing climate change is shared by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Momentum is building across the world to make substantive advances on mitigating climate change. Show your support too!


  1. On the draft petition to the UN General Assembly –

    The threat of climate change to international peace and security.

    It would, however, be much stronger if it required a commitment to limit atmospheric greenhouse gas levels to 450ppm CO2e and to then be reduced from that level for the sake of the planet and future generations.

    Climate Code Red report outlines in detail why a low limit is urgently needed.

    Can read first chapter and other material and order book here –

    Ian McGregor

  2. Setting and achieving such limits on global CO2 emissions is indeed urgently needed if we’re to avoid runaway global warming. Our friends at have undertaken a campaign, also based on Dr. Hansen’s work, to which an even more conservative limit is the central tenet.

    These facts have certainly not escaped the attention of those who wrote or are co-sponsoring the draft resolution. Unfortunately, the political inequality faced by the nations most egregiously effected by our failures in this regard necessitates a certain amount of political expediency.

    The issue of climate change is no longer a scientific debate, but a fight for global environmental justice. If you’d like to help even the odds stacked by large and wealthy nations against those nations working on behalf of the rest of us, support Islands First.

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