Posted by: islandsfirst | October 28, 2008

On Day One

According to a new investigation by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and the University of Queensland, our coral reefs will be doubly hit by man-made change to the earth’s atmosphere. Their research into the impact of ocean acidification on coralline algae, combined with the anticipated threat of temperature fluctuations, indicates an even lower likelihood of the reefs surviving climate change than previously thought.

In other news, check out the panelists at UN Dispatch on the impending cliamte refugee crisis, as they respond to a question posted by Nick Robson at On Day One:

Rising sea level caused by anthropomorphic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will have a huge impact in Small Islands Developing States and coastal dwellers globally. It could be argued that for the majority of these people, certainly those in the less developed world who have not contributed significantly to GHG output, have a right to continue to live in their ancestral home. Their forced evacuation caused by sea level rise could be said to be a abuse of their human rights. How can we help them?

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