Posted by: islandsfirst | November 24, 2008

Global Warming & Disease

From Telegraph coverage of a Lowy Institute policy brief:

Malaria kills two million people, mostly children, worldwide each year. Dengue fever is also deadly, causing an estimated 50 to 100 million cases annually and approximately 25,000 deaths. Experts agree that this number is rising every year.

The report, The Sting of Climate Change: Malaria and Dengue Fever in Maritime Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, predicts that in countries where the mosquito-borne diseases are already present, the situation will worsen as temperatures climb.


But you won’t hear about it on television….


  1. I have seen this mosquito, in two instenses during morning in a none malaria area. I livein Danielskuil in the Northern cape close to kimberly. I am new here in town so should this worry me if I seen this black with white stripes mosquito?

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