Posted by: islandsfirst | February 3, 2009

We Have An Answer

Gristmill’s “notable quotable” from last night augured well:

“On Monday [Jan. 26], in the middle of all that was going on with the economy … the president was forceful that EPA should do an event on climate change on my first day in office … We have an answer for people who want to scare us from backing off of strong environmental protections.”

— EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, speaking at an environmental justice conference at Fordham Law School on Jan. 30

Meanwhile, most people may be unaware of the threat posed by ocean acidification, but not Monaco’s Prince Albert II. With his support, marine scientists from around the world have published their collective concern in the Monaco Declaration, as reported at the BBC and elsewhere. Islands First favorite James Hrynyshyn has the run-down at his Island of Doubt blog.


Other interesting ocean studies in the news include one on the climate footprint of hurricanes and another on the role of water in climate change. And for those here in New York City, we live on islands too. Stop by Switchboard at NRDC to find out what ocean health means to the Empire State.

And the islands? Some are too wet, some too dry, and the Sunday Times has the latest from the Maldives. Check them out.

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