Posted by: islandsfirst | March 2, 2009

Capitol Climate Action

The snow covering the east coast of the United States hasn’t stopped climate activists in the nation’s capital. According to their web site as of this posting, all gates of the Capitol Power Plant in Washington, DC, have been occupied by protesters.


Check out Bill McKibben at Grist and coverage at the Guardian for the good news coming out of the concurrent Power Shift event carried out by youth activists in the American capital.

If you prefer egos and cynicism over such youthful exuberance, there’s always the hubbub that started with George Will at the Washington Post, only to have the torch strangely carried by New York Times enviro-guru Andrew Revkin. Joseph Romm is happy to set us all straight on the issues raised over at Climate Progress.

For some real news from those who have more at stake than their career as a talking head, Islands First recommends a few other places:

  • The West Australian reports on efforts to protect Kiribati‘s freshwater supplies,
  • The UN News Center covers housing problems induced by climate change in the Maldives,
  • The Times of India brings to our attention a new film documenting climate refugees in the Sunderbans,
  • And the first of a series on climate migration by Climatewire can be found here.

As always, here is where you can go to help. Thanks.

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